Bounty / Murder System


Ultima Online Forever has possibly one of the most unique, balanced and fun bounty systems that has ever been seen in the game before. When creating this we knew we had to not only have balance, but it had to be done in such a way so that murderers could not use or abuse the system to their personal advantage at all. While murdering people can be a quick way to wealth, bounty hunting and killing murderers can quickly become profitable now too.

We realize that 90% of adventurers who are being murdered at any given time are most likely at the total mercy of the player who is murderer or PKing(Player-killing) them. We thought it would only be fair to make it so if a noble adventurer ever kills a murderer or player-killer, that the Murderer should be at the mercy of the adventurer for a change!

....So that is exactly what we implemented..


  • To open the negotiation gump, simply double click the severed head.
  • To see how many kills a murderer may have on a head you've severed, view the bounty board at the banks.
  • There are no longer long and short term counts, it is all justified by "kills" only.
  • To see your kills or stat loss type "I must consider my sins".
  • 1 KILL = 30 Minutes of Temporary Stat loss. There is no permanent stat loss.
  • You will get stat loss of any counts over 2. So if you have 2 counts, no stat loss, 3 counts is one and a half hour stat loss.
  • If you receive stat loss with kills greater than 50, your kills will be halved so that your next stat loss is not as severe.
  • Temporary Stat loss applied to BOTH Reds AND Blues!
  • 1 KILL Will decay EVERY 24 Hours.
  • If you are Player Killed you will have an option to give a kill or not to.
  • Severed heads WILL rot (turn green) after 10 HOURS making them useless to turn in for stat loss.
  • Stat/Skill loss percentage is 40%.
  • Players may track kills through the Bounty Board.
  • There is a maximum stat loss of 48 hours.
  • Stat loss is only implemented on a player when their severed head is dropped onto one of the bounty collectors

    How our unique bounty system works is it basically lets the players who battled negotiate for gold and stat loss amount.
    If you kill anyone with counts on them ONE kill equals THIRTY minutes of TEMPORARY STATLOSS. One kill will decay at the rate of every TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.

    If the situation arises where you kill a player killer (PK) and sever their head the first thing you want to do is put the head in a secure place and then go to Britain Bank and look up how many kills that Player Killer has. In this situation let's say the Player Killer has 20 kills.. So In this situation when the player killer has 20 kills he is now at your absolute mercy as you control weather or not he gets 10 hours of temporary stat loss,
    but heres the kicker:
    You can negotiate with the player killer so they can buy back their head for an agreed upon price which will transfer the severed head to the player killers bank to dispose of, and the check of the agreed upon trade into your bank.

    So at this point it is up to you weather or not you wish to simply hand in his head to the bounty head collector at the bank or negotiate with the player killer to sell them back their own head so you profit!
    In this situation let's say you decide to negotiate to see what kind of coin he is willing to fess up instead of taking stat loss.

    So to begin negotiations simply double click the severed head of the player killer / murderer you killed which will bring up the gump seen below to send him a message of an offer for his head on trade: You enter your price to offer, as well as a message if you so please

    Upon okay-ing the offer, the Murderer will automatically get a scroll message at the top right hand of his screen for his review and consideration.
    In this case, let's say the murderer does not think that what you offered which was 15,000 gold is worth it, he *spits*, he says "NAY!" and would rather take 10 hours of temporary stat loss than pay your offer of 15k gold! In which case he COUNTER-OFFER's you with a 5,000 gold offer which he thinks is much more reasonable:

    Once he counter offers, an offer scroll will then appear at the top right hand corner of YOUR screen.
    Here is where you again make a choice, you can:

  • A: Counter offer his counter offer for a higher price than 5k but obviously lower than your original offer of 15k.
  • B: Hand in his head to the bounty hunter near Britain Bank to give him 10 hours of temporary stat loss but receive no profits.
  • C: Accept his counter offer of 5k gold to complete the negotiation.
  • In this case, let's say you accept his counter offer of 5k(5,000 GOLD) and so the gold is placed in your bank directly from his bank and the head you severed from his body previously is returned from your bank/backpack into his bank completing the negotiation and trade.