Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I macro my character?
    Yes, macroing is legal. However, macroing lumberjacking or mining while unattended is not allowed and will result in a banned account. Also if you are macroing Taming AFK, it can lead to account removal as well.

  • Can I buy or sell gold, items or accounts for real life cash?
    No, this is forbidden. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned from Ultima Online Forever.

  • What are your rules on harrassment?
    The rules on harassment will be left up the the staffs discretion per issue. We encourage a mature environment on Ultima Online Forever but at the same time we want to interfere in player interaction as little as possible There is an ignore feature in your options and you also have the ability to recall away from anyone following you, and harassing you at any given time.

  • What assist programs are legal?
    People may feel free to use Razor or Assist UO as an assist program. They must \\\"Negotiate features with server\\\" to keep logged in. If they do not have this checked, you will be forced to log out of the game. Any other third party programs that may offer an advantage in game are strictly forbidden and will result in banned accounts.

  • How many accounts are we allowed?
    You are allowed TWO (2) Accounts per IP Address.

  • How many characters per account can we have?
    You may have up to THREE (3) Characters per account, with two accounts makes a total of SIX (6) Characters total.

  • Is AFK resource gathering legal?
    No, if caught afk when gathering resources, you will be banned on the spot. No warnings.

  • Is EasyUO Allowed/Legal?
    No, Easy UO/EUOX/EUO is not legal and is forbidden. Users will be banned, no exceptions.

  • Is Sallos or Krios client allowed?
    No, this is a bannable offence. We only allow our supplied client, which is version


Character Information
  • How high can I raise one stat up to?
    One can have 100 max in a stat, mixed between the 225 stat cap.

  • Are power scrolls in?
    Yes, BUT only for the following skills:
    Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Carpentry, Fletching, Alchemy, Mining, Fishing, Animal Taming, Peacemaking and Provoking.

    You may obtain power scrolls from champion bosses. The skills selected above are able to be power scrolled to enable a player to do some of the following examples: craft with more ease while using less resources, successfully tame creatures more often, provoke creates for longer times, fish up MiB\\\'s more often, or gather more resources at one time.
    There is not, nor will there ever be power scrolls in place that effect PvP or Combat gameplay in Ultima Online Forever.

  • What is the SKILL and STAT points cap?
    Any person may have 700.00 points in skills max, and 225 points in stats max.

  • What are skill scrolls?
    Skill scrolls are a unique rare item drop from monster loot. There are a set of very hard-to-raise or resource effected skills in Ultima Online Forever, and these skill scrolls drop for ONLY those skills. They may me looted, stolen, or traded at will. Skill scrolls are available for the following skills:
    Magery, Resisting Spells, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tinkering, Inscription, Tailoring, Alchemy, Fletching, Mining, Fishing, Animal Taming, Peacemaking and Provoking

  • Will my skill gain slow down as i near my 700 point skill cap?
    No, the skill points totalled will not effect gain rates.

  • Are all player names unique?
    Yes, the name you pick will be yours to keep.

Murderers & The Bounty System

  • Are factions active?
    Yes, we currently have all 4 factions active. Minax, True Britannians, Council of Mages, and Shadow Lords are active.


Player VS. Player & Combat
  • Does GM Alchemy have a damage bonus?
    Yes, a grand master alchemist will be able to deal bonus damage with explosion potions. Although you are able to get 120.00 alchemy, your damages and bonuses will not be bonused passed the 100.00 mark. Having 120.00 in alchemy only serves as a purpose to create potions with more ease and less waste while not failing as much.

  • Can I heal through poison?
    No, you must be cured, then you may heal. No heal through cure is a staple of UOR PvP.

  • Are UO:R Special moves implemented?
    Yes, as a mage you may stun punch, or disarm punch. As a warrior, pending on your skill and weapon choice you may or have a chance to deliver a paralyzing, crushing, or a concussion blow with a two handed weapon.

  • Does anatomy and evaluating intelligence = Defensive wrestling?
    Yes, if you have 100.00 anatomy and 100.00 evaluating intelligence it is equal to 100.00 defensive wrestling.

  • Is there insta-hit?

  • What determines swing-speed?
    Your stamina will determine how fast your swing. If you are low on stamina, your swing speed will bog.

  • Does GM lumberjacking have a damage bonus?
    Yes, at grand master lumberjacking, you have a chance at a 10% damage bonus per hit.

  • How do explosion / purple potions work?
    Explosion potions will heat seek, and have a variable timer on them between uses. You must throw at just the right time to connect with your target.

  • Is there an inscription bonus?
    Yes, scribe mages are a viable template. If you have no inscription, spells like magic reflect, reactive armour and protection only have one use and a shorter timer. If you are a grand master scribe you may reflect up to 4 spells depending on their power.