Account Related Rules:

  • You may have THREE (3) game accounts PER IP/HOUSE HOLD (1)
  • Sharing accounts is NOT ALLOWED. Do not give your account information to any other player for any reason.

  • Multi-Clienting Rules:

  • MULTI-CLIENTING is GENERALLY ALLOWED and is defined as having more than one account logged into UOF at a given time and switching windows to play only one character actively at a given moment. DUEL-CLIENTING or controlling two (2) or more accounts at the same time is prohibited.
  • There may be no multi-clienting in Player VS Player (PvP) scenarios.
  • You may use two or more clients at any time for Player VS Monster (PvM) scenarios.
  • You may not have more than ONE (1) character, dead or alive, at any given time in a single RDA (Random Dungeon Adventure). Additional characters outside of an RDA Portal IS allowed.
  • Gameplay Rules:

  • Macroing resource gathering while away from the keyboard (AFK) is a bannable offense. If your actions look more automatic than manual while resource gathering, we will take action. This includes rail mining, auto mining/smelting/house dropping and or automated rune book traveling and banking.
  • Using a house to AFK Macro resources (ingots, wool etc.) Will result in the house being removed and the player removed from the game. Regardless of who owns the house, it is seen as a proceeds "against the rules" activity.
  • USING THE SKILL ANIMAL TAMING un-attended is prohibited and bannable. Any sort of afk scripting using this skillset will be punishable.
  • Do not block any NPC's or Monsters of any type in your home for any reason. Pets, however, ARE ALLOWED to be blocked in player houses.
  • Do not use immovable OR movable items(kegs, crates, boxes, chests, doors, walls etc..) to completely block or otherwise trap players or ghosts in or around your house OR any and all areas which include dungeon areas or entrances. Players must have a clear path out by some means, always. You MAY block that one path with your characters or pets. You may surround gates within these rules using your OWN GATES ONLY.
  • Excessive scamming is prohibited
  • SCAMMING Donation Items, or Donation Coins is prohibited. ANYONE found abusing this rule will face potential banning.
  • We do not condone excessive racism on Ultima Online Forever. These will be handled on a case by case basis and will have strict consequences.
  • AFK macroing skills on this shard with the exception of resource gathering skills and animal taming is ALLOWED.
  • AFK macroing meta pets OR meta pet relics is not allowed.
  • AFK macroing of talismans or talisman relics is not allowed.

    Staff Related Rules:

  • Ultima Online Forever Staff will never replace or give out items for any reason.
  • Any Staff name calling or harrassment is prohibited.
  • Players MAY NOT attack staff at any time or place in Ultima Online Forever. Doing so may lead to strict punishment.
  • We will not replace or refund any and all donation items for any reason. We will only supply the donation coins paid for.
  • Any pages that are an attack on the shard or staff can result in a jailing. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Misc. Rules:

  • You may not sell items, accounts or gold for real life currency. All Real Life Trading (RTM) is prohibited.
  • We do not allow "Fan sites" or any user-based sites that are direct attempts at trying to direct Ultima Online Forever users to their website for any means.
  • Users may not attempt to hack, or virtually attack (DDOS) any other users or staff on Ultima Online Forever. This will constitute an instant ban and removal from game.
  • Use of any third party program that IS NOT Razor, Sallos(UOF version) or UOSteam is prohibited. We do not tolerate any EasyUO/speedhack users, found users will be removed from the game. Any means to bypass the server side restrictions on these official clients is NOT ALLOWED.

    Ultima Online Forever reserves the right to add, alter or otherwise change any and all of the terms at any given time without notification to anyone at that time. Over-all we expect all players to be respectful, mature, and have general common sense in all situations of Ultima Online Forever. Ultima Online Forever provides a free online gaming service to anyone in the world. With that, the staff at Ultima Online Forever has, does and will continue to put an enormous amount of time into the project as possible to ultimately give all players and people the ultimate, nostalgic gaming experience they miss. All we ask in return, is for you to abide by our rulesets.


    Please note, that if you find a bug or see someone abusing a bug or part of the terms stated above and you chose to abuse it rather than reporting it, it will result in possible removal from the game permanently. Instead we offer wearable rewards for those who come forward with such large (game changing, economy changing) bugs or bring us to light with those who may be using such things. If you find such a thing, we expect all players to do the right thing and come forward with it. Failure to do so could result in possible permanent removal from the game.
    Simply put: If you play the game normally, you will be fine. If you abuse third party programs, take short cuts, use a lot of automation play styles, or abuse multiple accounts you are not abiding by our rules set here and we will take action on a per situation basis.